When it came time to get my wardrobe together for the Cancun Jumpoff I knew just where to start. My stylist whom happens to be my best friend DonniNicole. We had a look for every event. 3 looks a day as matter of fact. From the plane ride to Cancun to the plane ride home. I was serving em.

#Sexy #legsOut #wheelsUp

Gone are the days of dressing down for the plane. Not this Diva. I want to hit them coming and going. Besides, you never know who you may meet on a plane or in the airport. My future husband could be sitting in 1st class as I make my way on to the plane. Waiting to sweep me off feet.  A true traveler is prepared.

  • Blue Dress with white collar
  • Red Cami
  • Jean shorts
  • Brown & Gold Wide Belt

Cancun Departure - LaBella Fly Travel

WaterPark and Pool Party

Your girl was ready for the pool party. I thought this was the perfect sexy, but not too revealing look for the day party at the water park. My only regret was losing not only this beautiful black floppy hat but also the custom earrings in the lazy river at the water park. This was the last time this full ensemble was ever seen together… RIP…

  • Black Bikini Top
  • Vintage high waist blue spandex boy shorts
  • Polkadot tie shirt
  • Black and white Tommy Hilfiger wedges
  • Custom Painted Earrings designed by ArtistJBlu



  • Jean Shorts
  • Cutoff White Wife Beater
  • Bikini bottoms with attached suspenders

Jean Shorts Cutoff Wife Beater bikini bottoms with suspenders

Black Girl Magic (All Black Party)

This outfit was one of my favs. I just knew I was killing it in this one. My one mistake was not packing an extra pair of flats in my bag. I love these Louboutin but they are 6 inches high so at the end of the night my dogs was barking. I couldn’t walk by the end of the night, but I was cute.

  • Black high waist vintage shorts
  • Black Lace Bra
  • Black and Brown Vintage Tie shirt
  • Christian Louboutin (Red Bottoms)
  • Louis Vutton Tote


All White Everything

This look was perfect for the all white party. Just because they call for all white it doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of color. Sometimes you want to stay

  • White cotton skirt
  • White lace sheer top
  • Yellow bandana tube top
  • Blue and white striped dress shirt collar
  • Blue Platform open-toed high heels
  • Red Gucci Bag


SHE CRUISING – Booze Cruise

  • White Silk blouse with multi-colored paint splashes
  • Brown short shorts
  • Blush strappy heels
  • Camel colored belt