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LaBella (the beautiful)
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LaBella is a woman that values her faith, her family and her friendships in that order. She is the life of the party and just loves living life to the fullest. She is not afraid of standing out in a crowd and being original. She breaks every stereotype and does not fit into anyone's mold. She is not defined by her title, where she's from or her experiences. Actually all of these things just add to her attributes and make her unique.  What defines her is heart, her confidence, her originality, her elegance and her class.

LaBella Travel is a passion of mine. My goal is to inspire people to travel and see as much of the world as possible. In addition, I want to inspire women to express their individuality through beauty and fashion. Building confidence in women and encouraging originality. Showing the importance and beauty in grace and elegance. Joy, Love, Faith, Family, Friendship and Spirituality are the values that makeup a healthy lifestyle. I want to be a living example of what's possible.

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LaDonna (The Lady)

I may not look like it but I'm a techie. I have degree in Computer Science and I'm a Web Developer by profession.  My co-workers have nicknamed me "Diva-e-loper". An undercover computer nerd with a love for fashion and technology. I knew at an early age that I wanted a career in technology. I was always fascinated about how technology improved our way of life. I had no idea exactly where my career path would lead me but I knew it would have something to do with computers. In addition to my love for expressing myself through fashion, and my fascination with technology, the thing I am most passionate about is being my own boss. I am an Entrepreneur at heart and ultimately I hope to use my talents to launch my own successful company. Although, I love what I do for a living and it pays well, I have had a longing for something more. I want my life to be like a portfolio of all the things I love to do. I often ponder on thoughts about my journey in life.  "What is my passion". What is my purpose in life? I've always thought it would be cool to travel the world and somehow make a living and support my family. Wouldn't that be awesome to support my dreams and my family at the same time? I'm not just day-dreaming over here. I'm dream planning. I'm taking a chance and flying out on faith. I believe all my dreams can come true and my plans are to live my life on my own terms and be happy doing it. LaBella Fly Travel is one of many projects where I can express myself and get to the root of living a fulfilled loving passionate LABELLA FLY LIFE. Stay tuned.....